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Professor Gabriela Dragan

Gabriela Dragan is the General Director of the European Institute of Romania (EIR) and a Professor at the Faculty of International Business and Economics, at Bucharest Economic University. She received her PhD at the National Institute of Economics of Romanian Academy, Bucharest. After academic visits at Birmingham's Center for Studies in Security and Diplomacy and at Oxford University she returned to Bucharest where, since 2005, she has held the position of Professor and Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics at the Academy of Economic Studies (AES). The AES is one of the most important universities in Romania. Created in 1913, it is currently the largest economic university in Romania and one of the largest in South-East Europe. Prof. Dragan is also a member of Team Europe, and a member of the Scientific Council of the European Institute of Romania. Over the past five years, Prof. Gabriela Dragan has coordinated and participated in four complex research programmes financed by national and EU sources, either as a director/coordinator (see, for instance, the Jean Monnet projects, financed by the European Commission: "European Union Cohesion Policy" and "Common Agricultural Policy" or the 2007-2010 Romanian project financed by the National Center for Projects Management: "The waste management. A diagnosis analysis of the waste management from urban buildings and demolitions in the framework of the Romania's post-accession in the European Union") or as a member of the research team. Prof. Gabriela Dragan has a significant portfolio of papers, studies and books on different European affairs issues, has been published in important Romanian journals, books or presented at different national and European conferences.

Professor Gabriela Dragan has done extensive work in research areas such as European Economic Integration, EU Cohesion Policy, Sustainable Development and EU institutions, both within the AES and the European Institute of Romania (EIR). EIR is a public institution whose mission is to provide expertise in the area of European affairs for other public institutions, the business community, social partners and civil society. Its key areas are: studies and analyses of strategies and policies in European affairs for Romanian policy-makers; training activities for public servants in European affairs; translation and revision of the pre-accession acquis and of the European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence; conference, seminars, and round table discussions on European issues.

Prof. Dragan's research in the Issue Area "Economic Governance" will focus on the sources of comparative advantages of MPCs in global competition. According to the findings of trends, drivers and challenges in the economic sphere, she will develop a 2025-scenario on "Freezing the Status Quo". In the third phase she will contribute by recommending domestic institutional adjustments. This will help us to understand, how to cope with challenges of globalisation at both domestic and supranational levels. In addition, Professor Dragan will head the Work Package on Interface Issues.

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European Institute of Romania

Recent relevant publications:
  • Constantin, D.L. / Goschin, G. / Dragan, G. (2008): The quality of European integration: consequences of the latest enlargement in terms of regional disparities and structural assistance in 2007-2013, The QIEI 2008 International Conference on Quality-Innovation-European Integration, Sibiu, September 2008, in: Calitatea - Acces la succes, anul 9, no. 92.
  • Dragan, G. / Bielik, P. (ed) (2007): The Path of Internationalization and Integration in the Europe of Regions, Economica, Bucharest.
  • Pascariu, G. / Dragan, G. (2006): The Role of Public-Private Partnership in the Sustainable Development of the Rural Tourist Destinations, 46th European Congress of Regional Science Association, August 30th-September 3rd 2006, Volos, Greece.



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