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Dr. Eduard Soler i Lecha

Eduard Soler i Lecha is the Coordinator of the Mediterranean and Middle East Programme at CIDOB Foundation (Barcelona) and Associate Lecturer in International Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He obtained his PhD in International Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Previously, he was Research Fellow at the Institute of European Studies of this University and visiting researcher in Bogazici University (Istanbul) and Center for European Policy Studies (Brussels). His fields of research include: Turkey's accession process to the EU, Euro-Mediterranean Relations, Spanish policy towards this region and Security in the Mediterranean. He is the academic coordinator of the international seminars on security and defence in the Mediterranean (co-organised by CIDOB and the Spanish Ministry of Defence. His works have been published in journals such as Mediterranean Politics, Insight Turkey, Europe's World and Turkish Policy Quarterly. He has recently coordinated a special issue of the Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals on Spanish Mediterranean and Arab policies. Dr. Soler I Lecha is actually involved in EU4SEAS (whose leading institution is CIDOB and specifically its European Project) and in INEX (where CIDOB is a partner in the consortium). As a research fellow in the Institute of European Studies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, he was also involved in two other projects (FORNET, 5th FP) and Challenge (6th FP).

Fadela Hilali is a research assistant at CIDOB's Mediterranean Programme and holds a bachelor in Economics from the College of Charleston (South Carolina, US) and obtained her M.A. in International Relations from Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). Her main research interests are: political systems and security issues in the Arab World, Human Rights in the Magreb and the US foreign policy towards the MENA region.

The vocation of the Centre for International Information and Documentation in Barcelona (CIDOB) is to be a framework of reference in the sphere of international and development studies in order to generate ideas and carry out activities that consolidate a consciousness of belonging to a global community and foster greater understanding of and among societies. CIDOB's Mediterranean programme monitors and promotes research on the great challenges facing the Mediterranean countries and the Arab world, devoting special attention to the political and security agendas. CIDOB is developing other EU-funded research projects (EU4SEAS, INEX) and is involved in other Spanish-funded research and policy-oriented projects.

In the first phase of EuroMed 2025 the team of Eduard Soler i Lecha will focus in the Issue Area "Security Governance" on 'soft' security risks in southern Mediterranean countries to develop scenarios on conflict transformation through political reforms and conflict management without democratic reforms. The policy recommendations will deal with soft security hazards.

  Further Information

Centre for International Information and Documentation in Barcelona, Spain

Recent relevant publications:
  • Soler i Lecha, E. / Carbonell Agustin, L. (eds.) (2008): VI International Seminar on Security and Defence in the Mediterranean, Human Security, Barcelona: Fundació CIDOB / Spanish Ministry of Defence.
  • Collantes Celador, G. / Soler i Lecha, E. / Reigheluth, S. / Aytar, V. / Arican, M. (2008): Fostering an EU Strategy for Security Sector Reform in the Mediterranean: Learning from Turkish and Palestinian Police Reform Experiences, EuroMeSCo Paper, n. 66.
  • Coordinator (2007) of the special issue La política árabe i Mediterránea de España [The Arab and Mediterranean policy of Spain] Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals, num. 79-80, december 2007.
  • Soler i Lecha, E. (2004): The External Dimension of Sub-national Governments: Dealing with Human Rights at the Barcelona and Valencia Euromed Civil Fora, in: Jünemann, Annette (ed.) 2004: Euro-Mediterranean Relation After September 11, London: Frank Cass.



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