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Professor Bahgat Korany

Bahgat Korany is professor in the Department of Political Science, American University in Cairo, and Director of the AUC Forum. He is also an Honorary professor, Department of Political Science, University of Montreal. After receiving his PhD (Political Science) from the University of Geneva in 1974, Prof. Korany's post-graduate work experience has been varied, ranging from the United Nations (European Office, 1970-74) to academia. He began his academic career in 1970 at the graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (1970-74) and at the University of Montreal (since 1974). He is the founder and first Director of the Interdisciplinary Program of Arab Studies at the same University (1979-1993), and co-founder and first Director of the Inter-University Consortium of Arab and Middle East Studies, (Canada 1987-1999). Prof. Korany has, furthermore, been a visiting professor at the University of Dakar, Laval, Carleton, Harvard (visiting scholar), McGill, Algiers, Aix-Marseille, Princeton, Oxford, Paris, etc. He is a founding member of the International Organization of South-South Cooperation (Beijing, April 1983). He has participated in RMSH (Réseau thématique des centres européens de recherche en sciences humaines sur l'ensemble euro-méditerranéen 2003-2005) under FP5 and it was a participant of RAMSES2 (Network of Excellence of Research Centres in Human Sciences on the Mediterranean Area) funded under FP6. In addition to giving about 350 interviews on international affairs to written/televised media in North America, Europe and the Middle East, since 2001 he has been a regular columnist in the Friday special issue of the daily El-Ittihad (United Arab Emirates). He chaired committees and panels for the Canadian Political Science Association, Middle East Studies Association, International Studies Association, Presidential Nomination Committee of the International Studies Association, American Political Science Association, Third World Foundation, International Political Science Association, Gulf Research Center. In his ongoing research he is focussing on Competing Theories of Security.

The American University in Cairo (AUC) is the region's premier English-language university. AUC's academic programme is rooted in liberal education and focused practice. The institution includes programmes and research centres on the Middle East; American studies; forced migration and refugees; gender and women's studies; philanthropy and civic engagement; as well as specialised teaching programmes on Arabic language and electronic journalism.

In the first phase of EuroMed 2025, Professor Korany will contribute to the Issue Area "Security Governance" by analysing 'hard' security risks to understand existing and future security dilemmas. He will explore the likelihood of a further deterioration in the overall security situation and develop a possible pessimistic scenario of 'failed states and black holes'. His policy recommendations will focus on state and nation building in weak and collapsed states as well as on the promotion of regional institutions and security mechanisms.

  Further Information

American University of Cairo, Egypt

Recent relevant publications:
  • Korany, B et al. (2008): Foreign Policies of Arab States : The Challenge of Globalization . Cairo and New York, American University in Cairo Press.
  • Korany, B. (2005): Globalization and (IN) security, in Ersel Aydini and James Rosenau (eds.): Globalization, Security and the Nation-State. New York, State University of New York Press, pp. 135-151.
  • Korany, B. (2005): The M.E. Since the End of the Cold War: Torn between Geopolitics and Geo-economics" in Louise Fawcett (ed.) International Relations of the M.E.: Oxford, Oxford U.P., pp. 59-76.
  • Korany, B. / Noble, P. / Brynen, R. (eds) (1993): The Many Faces of National Security in the Arab World, London, Macmillan: New York, St. Martin's.



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