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Professor Andreas Theophanous

Andreas Theophanous is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Nicosia, Director of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs and Head of the Department of European Studies and International Relations, University of Nicosia. He visited several European, American and other universities and think-tanks as a Visiting Professor, Senior Fellow and/or Guest Speaker. He has published numerous articles on economic and political issues, organized several international symposia and conferences, and is in charge of a number of research projects. He is also the author and co-editor of several books on political and economic issues related to Cyprus, the EU and the broader Eastern Mediterranean region. His latest book (in Greek) titled "Cyprus, the EU and the Stakes Involved: Accession to the EU and the Solution (to the Cyprus Problem)", was published in December 2006 (Papazisis Press, Athens). His latest co-edited book (with Y. Tirkides), "Reflections on the Relations between Britain and the Republic of Cyprus and the case of the British Sovereign Base Areas", was published in August 2007 (Intercollege Press, Nicosia).

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (former Research Center - Intercollege) at the University of Nicosia has established itself in September 2007. It seeks to advance research, to contribute to the study and analysis of important economic, political, social and environmental issues of concern to pioneering and innovative think-tank and research institution through the quality of its work and its contribution to society and public debate in Cyprus and beyond. The Research and Development Center - Intercollege was founded in March 1993 as an independent, non-profit making institution and was renamed as Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs. It provides today research on the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean and to promote policy-oriented thinking. Within this context, particular emphasis is placed on the Cyprus Question, the Cypriot economy, Greco-Turkish relations, the Eastern Mediterranean, and European Union issues.

In the first phase of the Issue Area "Environmental Governance", Prof. Theophanous will study the political impact of climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. In the second phase, Prof. Theophanous' work will concentrate on the scenarios of 'resolution of resource conflict' as well as on 'escalation of resource conflicts'. His policy recommendations will focus on regional institution building and knowledge transfer.

  Further Information

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Recent relevant publications
  • Theophanous, A. (2000): Cyprus in the European Union and the New International Environment: Challenges and Opportunities (in Greek), I. Sideris (series "Library of International and European Studies"), Athens, May.
  • Papacosma, S. V. / Sperling, J. / Theophanous, A. (2004): EU Enlargement and New Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean, Intercollege Press, Nicosia.
  • Theophanous, A. (1997): Necessary Conditions for Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, in A. Theophanous and V. Coufoudakis (Eds.), Security and Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, pp. 71-81.



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